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CEO Greethings


Thank you sincerely for visiting
Daepoong Machinery

Daepoong Machinery is a company that produces various agricultural machinery,
manufacturing a range of equipment including fertilizer spreaders for tractor attachment, ridging plastic mulchers, and underground crop harvesters.

To enhance the efficiency of agricultural operations for farmers
and alleviate the shortage of labor, all our employees are dedicated to supplying
agricultural machinery. Our primary goal is to provide equipment that contributes to increasing the efficiency of farming tasks. We are putting our full effort into confronting this objective.

We are committed to providing essential agricultural machinery,
from design and testing to production and supply, under the belief that the difference between thought and passion directly impacts the quality of our products.
We strive to contribute to increased income by
supplying the necessary farm equipment and giving
our best effort in every step of the process.

We sincerely seek your ongoing support and
encouragement and assure you that we will continue
to exert our utmost efforts.

Thank you!