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2023MarchEstablishment of a corporate research institute
2022NovemberDeveloped and launched the garlic planting machine
2021DecemberDeveloped and launched the crop stem cutting machine
2019OctoberDeveloped and launched the sowing machine
2017AprilCommendation from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
2015JulyExpanded to the Changwon General Industrial Complex (Daesan Factory)
2010NovemberDeveloped and launched a multi-purpose ridging plastic mulcher designed for tractors.
2008SeptemberDeveloped and launched a fertilizer spreader designed for tractors, marking a significant achievement in our product innovation and introduction.
2008AugustDeveloped a ridging plastic mulcher
2006OctoberDeveloped and launched an organic multi-purpose fertilizer spreader.
2006MayDeveloped and launched an underground crop harvester
2005JuneDeveloped and launched rotovator
2003JulyObtained the Quality Management Certification (ISO 9001)
2002JulyDeveloped an automatic hose reel for agricultural machinery
2001Octoberthe establishment of the factory was completed
Developed and launched a fertilizer spreader (mechanical, hydraulic, large-scale, multi-purpose) for tractors October1998
Developed and launched a high-speed processing blade for combinesApril1997
Daepoong Agricultural Machinery was founded.March1996