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A/S Information


Product warranty period

  • 01The warranty covers all agricultural machinery produced by Daepoong Machinery and purchased through domestic sales offices or headquarters
  • 02The warranty period begins from the date of equipment purchase, and the warranty periods for key items are as follows.

Exclusions from the Warranty Coverage

  • 01Even within the specified warranty period mentioned above, we will not assume warranty responsibility in the following circumstances.
  • Minor aesthetic imperfections, such as slight noise, vibration, appearance, and operational feel, which are deemed to have no significant impact on general quality and functionality.

    Malfunctions caused by repairs conducted outside our company's direct service/service designated representative or by customer-initiated repairs, and defects arising from such repairs that affect other parts.

    Defects or damages caused by not using genuine parts from our company, or situations where the nature of the defect cannot be confirmed due to concealed damage or use of non-genuine parts.

    Defects arising from customer-initiated modifications or alterations to the equipment after sale (including unauthorized transfer of the equipment to a third party or overseas export).

    Malfunctions caused by customer-induced delays in repairs, fire/accidents, and natural disasters

    Expanded malfunctions resulting from neglect by the customer, despite being capable of detection and intervention during routine inspections.

    Malfunctions caused by improper use, use contrary to the instructions, or excessive wear and tear (excessive driving, careless operation, etc.)

  • 02During warranty repairs, costs unrelated to equipment maintenance (FIXTURE, non-operation losses, taxes, etc.) are not covered by our company.